New York Is the Capital of a Booming Artificial Intelligence Industry, The Artificial Intelligence space is growing but there’s not enough talent to fill open positions, which translates into big paydays for those that are qualified. Bloomberg’s report shows a breakdown of the 10 highest-paying jobs in this field.

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, there’s increasing demand for highly skilled workers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. But a limited pool of talent has allowed viable candidates who smell the desperation to put a high price on their skills.

The number of job postings featuring “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning” in their description has doubled since 2015, according to global jobs site, and prospective employees are increasingly seeking them out. Search entries for AI and machine learning positions have risen 182 percent in the past three years. But more job searches don’t mean more qualified applicants, as industries struggle to find sufficiently skilled candidates.

Meanwhile, the lucrative salaries being offered on public platforms such as may pale in comparison with bigger-money AI jobs filled directly or via head-hunters—jobs that can come with huge bonuses and stock options.

“As AI development and adoption continues to rise across industries, it’s likely there will be more competition for this talent,” said Raj Mukherjee, senior vice president for product at Indeed. “It may be cause for concern for employers looking to find workers with AI skillsets since these jobs require highly skilled workers with backgrounds in natural language processing, machine learning, and data science.” said it analyzed millions of public job postings in the U.S. from June 2015 through June 2018. The report identified job titles that saw more than 20 percent of online postings list “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning” in the description and derived information about salary and location.

If you’re looking to get into AI, set your sights on New York, according to the report. Surprisingly, New York—not San Francisco—boasts the highest percentage of AI and machine learning positions in a single metro area, with more than 11 percent of national job postings.

Metro Areas With the Highest Concentration of AI and Machine Learning Jobs

New York boasts the highest percentage of job postings for a single metro area, but Silicon Valley still accounts for one in five postings nationally.

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