Ever since the advent of mankind, humans have tried to make living easier on the face of the earth. It was because of this search for the ease that has led us to the three industrial revolutions. Today, we are approaching fast towards the fourth industrial revolution and it is all because of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning algorithms have enabled the invention and development of intelligent software. This intelligent software, machines, and robots have made both business and domestic life better. Machine Learning algorithms power these devices and make the difficult, easy and imaginary, real. Here, we share a few examples of machine learning that we use in our daily life and maybe have no idea that ML controls them.

Digital Personal Assistants

Machine learning is an integral part of the digital personal assistants that have essentially modified the way we go about our daily tasks. They collect and optimize the data based on their previous experience with them. Subsequently, this set of data is used to produce results customized to your preferences. The major ML techniques mastered by the DPAs are speech recognition, speech to text conversion and vice versa, natural language processing, and cognitive reasoning and thinking.

We depend on our virtual assistants for booking tickets to reserving seats, scheduling daily meetings to making to-do lists, searching for information to getting entertainment recommendations and much more. Thus they have overcome every part of our lives and are changing it for better.

Intelligent And Efficient Transportation

We all use the services of GPS navigation on a daily basis. While we do so, our current positions and speeds are stored for traffic management on a central server. Then this information is used to construct a current traffic map. In such cases, machine learning helps to predict the regions where congestion can be found based on daily experiences.

Another example of machine learning algorithms in transportation and commutation is the ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps. Uber ATC’s engineering lead, Jeff Schneider, reveals in an interview that by forecasting rider demand, they use ML to determine price peak hours. ML plays a major role throughout the service cycle.

Data And Home Security

ML and AI powered robots and services have greatly improved every genre of security and privacy. Whether its the much-needed data security in the digital world or home security that remains the focus even in the most advanced era we have ever witnessed. 

High-end algorithms are used to detect malware and virus in devices for efficient removal and safety of users. The coding pattern of malware is understood by ML-driven system security programs and thus allows them to detect and protect data with 2 to 10% variability. Therefore, with 2–10% variability, they easily detect new malware and offer protection against it. The home devices also use ML algorithms like voice recognition and image processing to detect lock opening voices or any extraordinary activity and report to users making their home safer. 


There are a number of other examples where ML has done its magic to transform the living ways completely. Seeing these innovations, it’s evident that ML algorithms can easily replace the human brain and with the help of robots, the dream of an automated world will soon come true.