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We are a group of individuals that keep an eye on the Latest Automation and Technology News.
Automeme is a bunch of tech freaks that believe in not just sharing news, but also inspiring individuals throughout the globe.
With us, you get to experience the world of tech. Additionally, you learn to keep up with everything and anything tech.
Think of us as your pilots for a flight across the globe as we take you through the sights that the world of technology has to offer. As they say, fasten your seat belts and prepare for a whirlwind of information and insight, all of which is bound to leave you wanting for more.


The world’s moving at a pace faster than ever before. To innovate and grow with the world is now a necessity rather than a choice.
Through Automeme you get access to the latest trends and market dynamics. Therefore, you get to seek discomfort and disrupt innovation with us.
We look at the world with a mind that’s different – a mind that is intrigued by not only what the world does, but how it does it. Moreover, we carry with us a hope to instill in everyone the passion for change and a never-dying want to improve the lives of those around us.



At the end of the day, we’re a big tech family hoping to break through the system and learn as we go along.
Whether you’re reading our articles while sipping your cup of tea in the morning or browsing through the latest updates on your daily commute. What binds us together is the passion for tech.
We’re your one-stop-shop for anything and everything technology!

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