If you’re someone looking for database storage, content delivery, compute power, or simply any other functionality. You shouldn’t look any further than Amazon’s web services (AWS). A platform that offers you a plethora of services to help build sophisticated applications. They provide you with immense flexibility, scalability, and reliability like never before. There are so many benefits of AWS Cloud Technology.
AWS is the cloud infrastructure and web services division of the retail giant, Amazon.com. With the benefits of AWS, organizations have the chance to excel like never before. To embarks on a journey that they might have otherwise missed out on.
What started as a solution to solve technological issues that Amazon faced in its e-commerce infrastructure. However, this scalability has transformed into a service capable of changing the business landscape.

What Is AWS?

AWS is a comprehensive, and constantly evolving cloud computing platform. It is a mixture of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS). Also, packaged software as a service (SaaS).
With AWS, you get access to multiple tools and solutions that can benefit enterprises. More on, software developers to overcome challenges and scale their enterprise.
It offers a wide range of services. Each of which can be configured in unique ways based on the needs of the user. These services exceed 100 marks. Include those used for databases, infrastructure management, application development, and security.

AWS Services

Let’s look at a few of the services offered by AWS.


AWS offers access to Amazon Simple Storage Service. This provides scalable object storage for data backup, collection, and analytics. Using this, you can store data as ‘S3 objects’. Which are basically separate “buckets” of data that help keep It organized.
Similarly, it also offers businesses the option to migrate data to the cloud via storage transport devices. Such as the AWS Snowball or use the AWS storage gateway. To help instill on-premises apps that grant access to cloud data.

Data Migration

This Technology also offers the option of integrating tools and services. To help users in migrating applications, databases, servers, and any data onto the public cloud. Through the AWS Migration Hub, you have the option to create centralized locations. Through which you can monitor and manage migrations to the cloud.

Developer Tools

If you’re a developer. Then AWS offers you command-line tools and software development kits. This helps to deploy and manage applications/services.
These software development kits or SDKs are available for numerous platforms and programming languages. Such as Java, Python, C++, and iOS amongst others.
AWS also offers the Amazon API Gateway. This enables developers to create, manage and monitor customer application program interfaces. They help applications gain access to data or derive functionality from back-end services.


This is probably one of the most interesting use-cases of AWS, albeit a new one. A recent development has seen companies like Ubisoft opt for the usage of AWS to develop their games.
AWS can provide developer back-end services, analytics, and developer tools. While the developer tools aim to help aid developers in creating these games. The back-end services focus on helping with the building, deploying, or scaling of a developer’s platform. The analytics at the end of the day will help developers. To better understand their customers. Also, how they interact with the games. Lastly, with the AWS servers, developers can also store data or host data on these very servers to create ‘data buckets’.
Lastly, with the AWS servers, developers can also store data or host data on these very servers to create ‘data buckets’.

This doesn’t stop here. Since AWS offers a ton of other services that can benefit businesses and impact change to a great extent.

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Benefits Of AWS

Let’s shift our attention to the benefits of AWS. Including flexibility, reliability, easiness, scalability, security, and so on. To better make our case for why you should start looking into this particular resource.

It’s Easy To Use

What makes AWS stand out is its focus on designing resources. It allows application providers and vendors to quickly and securely host applications. Its design makes it easier for organizations to bring about a structure to existing applications. Or any new SaaS-based application.
With services such as the AWS Management Console or web service APIs. You can access AWS’s application hosting platform to better structure your application foundations.


Amazon believes in making the experience customer-centric. What that means is it enables the user to select the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database. Literally any other services they may need – everything’s available, and you can use it as you deem fit!
On this web service, you’re put in a virtual environment. Where you have access to all the software and service that your application requires. This particular environment makes the migration process easier for already existing applications. Whilst also giving you the option to save settings for any future solutions that you might be building.

You Get Your Money’s Worth

AWS promises to be a cost-effective resource since you’re paying for only what you need. What this means is that without the need for any long-term contracts or upfront commitments. You’re able to pay for what you want.
Essentially you’ll be paying for computing power, storage, and any other resources that you might end up using. These costs, according to Amazon are some of the lowest you’d ever find in the market. If you don’t believe their word for it, you’re always welcome to check out the AWS Economics Center to learn more.

Reliability Is Key

Amazon has established itself as a giant in the retail industry and with that comes years of trust and experience. All this makes AWS that much more reliable and secure.

Using AWS, you’re essentially working with a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure. It has upheld the multi-billion dollar industry that Amazon has had a firm footing in.

Scalable And High-Performance

With the massive infrastructure that Amazon provides. You will always have access to storage resources whenever you need them. So there’s no need to worry about ever running out of space!
Since applications might need to scale up or down depending on their demand. AWS offers tools including Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing. However, provide you with the option of adding more to your application. Or taking things away from it to cope with a decrease in demand – either way, AWS has got you covered!

Security Is Key

In today’s world, there’s no surprise that everyone wants their assets secured. This is a belief held by those at AWS as well. Since they utilize an end-to-end approach to secure and harden the infrastructure. Including any physical/operational/software measures.

At the end of the day, the benefits of AWS have got your back!

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AWS Use Cases

If you’re still not convinced about the potential that AWS has to offer. Let’s look at some actual use-cases of AWS. To help you recognize the benefits it has brought to these very organizations.


Yes, the streaming giant Netflix is onboard the AWS train. They use AWS for all their computing and storage needs. Which also includes their analytics and intrinsic recommendation engines. Moreover, video transcoders amongst other facets of the system.

Formula 1

The list just keeps on getting better, doesn’t it?
F1 is a sport that is heavily reliant on the collection and analysis of data. So there’s no surprise that they’ve also chosen to utilize the services that AWS offers.
F1 uses Amazon SageMaker to build machine learning models. This helps fans understand the sport better by learning about the split-second decisions made by drivers or pit-crews. With these models, they hope to create special relationships with their fans. More on, help them learn more about the sport and the intrinsic mechanisms that govern it.


There should be no surprise that AWS is a mainstay in the retail industry since that’s the one that gave birth to it.
ALDO, the globally renowned footwear brand using AWS AppSync. Therefore, improve the experience for its footwear customers by creating landscapes and infrastructures. It helps make the shopping experience more customer-centric and tailored to their needs.


Following in the footsteps of ALDO. Glossier too inculcated AWS into their systems albeit in a different manner.
Glossier creates point-of-sale systems on AWS. To merge their online and in-store customer experiences. Moreover, to create a holistic shopping experience for them that is tailored to the consumer. Also, offers them a seamless shopping adventure.


It is a public sector finance giant. It collects and partakes in the analysis of billions of brokerage transactions through AWS daily.
Through the use of AWS, not only can they collect this very data. Also, analyze it to provide insights to their clientele. This impacts the investment infrastructure.

The Verdict

If these case studies show us anything, it’s the diversity of usage that comes with AWS. Which is one of the many reasons why it’s heralded as a service like no other.
With the benefits of AWS, you enter a world that might otherwise seem a bit too complicated or scary. But with the AWS opens up a range of possibilities for your organizational goals.

At the end of the day, Amazon’s Web Services create and curate experiences for its users that are tailored to their individual goals. Also, creating a business landscape that promises to exceed expectations. Whilst bringing about healthy competition within the market.

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