Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, the global marketplace for premium podcast subscriptions, is now accessible in more than 170 countries and regions, according to the company.

Thousands of subscriptions and channels with brand new shows, including news, comedy, sports, and true crime, are available to listeners, providing premium experiences that keep them informed, entertained, connected, and inspired. Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats shares:

Listeners can’t get enough of their favorite podcasts and want a simple way to support the extraordinary creators who make them possible

Explore Subscriptions and Channels

Audiovisitors can discover hundreds of subscriptions and channels that feature brand new episodes, which cover a variety of different styles and formats, including news, comedy, sports, and true crime. Moreover, subscribers to two or more channels will see a My Channels row on the Listen-Now page, where they may browse and follow all of the available programmings.

New Shows and Seasons Available

Listeners can hear new and original series, as well as get early access to new seasons of critically acclaimed and fan-favorite series, all of which are ad-free, including:

  • Chameleon: High Rollers” with Trevor Aaronson, from Campside Media
  • The Handoff” with Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo from CNN
  • The Midnight Miracle” with Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey, and Dave Chappelle, from Luminary
  • The Midnight Miracle” with Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey, and Dave Chappelle, from Luminary
  • Revisionist History” with Malcolm Gladwell, part of PushNik from Pushkin Industries
  • To Live and Die in LA” with Neil Strauss, from Tenderfoot TV

 Premier Studios

Lots of new Subscriptions and Channels include:

  • Lemonada Media
  • Radiotopia from PRX
  • Pushkin Industries
  • Tenderfoot TV

New And Emerging Formats

Latest Powered subscriptions include the following Podcast formats:

  • Scripted Fiction
  • Scripted Fiction
  • Kids and Family

News Providers Offering

Following news providers will be including in the subscriptions and channels:

  • The Athletic
  • FOX News
  • Los Angeles Times
  • NPR
  • The Washington Post

More Subscriptions With Channels

Apple Podcast aiming to expand further and adding more Notable international subscriptions and channels like ABC, LiSTNR, and SBS from Australia; Abrace Podcasts from Brazil; CANADALAND and Frequency Podcast Network from Canada, and so on. The details of every subscription could be found on apple’s newsroom.