Apple adds Focus and Summary capabilities to iOS 15 alerts. Apple will allow iPhone users to specify how they want to be informed about incoming calls, texts, or updates from applications that support their current state as part of the iOS 15 upgrade. Instead of only silencing calls and alerts with do not disturb, you’ll be able to configure several sorts of notification choices to suit your situation — such as whether you’re driving, working, sleeping, or using custom categories of your own choice — with the new Focus feature.

According to Techcrunch, The system also uses onboard AI to assist determine what your status is at a given time. for instance, the phone might suggest you switch off notifications when you’re arriving at the gym.

Apple, it appears, now has: it’s called Notification Summary, and it groups and prioritizes incoming alerts depending on factors such as time of day. You may have this summary sent at any time you like, such as early in the morning or late at night.

Apple claims that it arranges this summary using device intelligence depending on how you use your applications, making it simpler to catch up fast. In the summary, the more significant alerts display above the less important messages.

Another difference is that Do Not Disturb is now directly incorporated into iMessage, letting other users know when you don’t want to be bothered by incoming messages.

These capabilities, which include better tailoring the phone to the user, are reminiscent of smart launchers like Aviate or EverythingMe, which personalized your smartphone based on what you were doing, the time of day, and other criteria on Android handsets many years ago. Because Apple does not allow third-party apps to significantly connect with its mobile operating system or modify the device’s home screen, these applications never took off on iOS, and the fad died.

However, Apple has recently begun personalizing the iPhone to better reflect customer preferences, including the introduction of widgets and Siri Suggestions, which may even be a home screen widget of suggested apps.