AI, BI And Data: Who's Going To Win By 2020?

10 years ago, I recorded a video about the Future of Data at the "Musée de l'Informatique" in Paris. Philippe Nieuwbourg, who ran the world's famous "Informatics Museum" at the time, graciously allowed me use one of his sets to tape it.

The video was called "Business Intelligence 2020".  And its goal was to recap some of the community’s predictions for where the Data and Analytics space would be by 2020.  

At the time, some of the biggest market players hadn't gone public yet. In fact, the industry hadn't even embraced "The Cloud", "Big Data" or even "A.I."...

How much the world has changed.  Now, with less than 10 months until 2020, the Cloud is reality, AI is everywhere, and Voice will undoubtedly be the next interface for analytics.

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DataYusra Hamid