ML And AI In Cyber Security: Real Opportunities Overshadowed By Hype

There's a debate raging among techies around AI’s ability to aid the cyber security industry. While a number of vendors claim to use AI to fend off attacks, others say it's over-hyped

If you define AI as something that can emulate human decision-making, there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed when you find out how limited AI solutions for cyber security really are.

Speaking to Information Age ahead of his keynote speech at Custodian’s Talking Tech, April 25 2019, Etienne Greeff, CTO and founder of SecureData, admitted that he often rolls his eyes when he hears about AI solutions for cyber security.

He argued: “In cyber security and in application security, there’s actually no known application of AI. There’s no autonomous agent that automatically defines threats; that does not happen yet, and it’s not very close to happening.”READ MORE ON: INFORMATION AGE