The CIO AI And Data: How To Use Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Make Your Data Useful?

"When discussing AI implementation with organisations. My advice is always the same: focus on the data you have now, and grow from there." Avon Puri of Rubrik discusses the role of the CIO AI and data. 

Unless you’ve had your head under a data centre, you’ve likely heard the industry continue to usher in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), touting both as the new messiahs at the feet of which all CIOs should be kneeling.  But should the CIO really be worshiping AI and data?

We can start with what hasn’t happened. AI hasn’t become sentient and enslaved us just yet. It has matured though, with applications increasingly harnessing AI as it enters the mainstream.

As AI-enabled technologies continue to emerge, CIOs across the globe will forge their own understanding and view of AI and what it means to them. For me, AI allows technology to simulate something a human would typically do. ML, then, is when technology goes beyond simulating and begins to learn for itself. READ MORE ON: INFORMATION AGE

DataYusra Hamid