Artificial Intelligence Is The Most Revolutionary Technology Seen In Decades

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the most revolutionary technology that is seen in several decades having the potential to completely turn the world upside down and then re-shape it with new contours. In the coming years, we will continue to witness the disruption what deep learning and AI-related technologies can bring to create an impact not only to the software and the internet industry but also to other verticals such as manufacturing, automobile, agriculture, and healthcare and so on.

AI will reinvent everything from the nature of work to the way we communicate. The disruptive destruction unleashed by AI would make a turbulent impact on the current skills making jobs redundant while opening avenues for new skills. With the rise of AI-enabled chips, convergence of IoT and AI at the edge, and interoperability among neural networks, automated machine learning will gain prominence. It will automate DevOps through AIOps as Speech recognition, Virtual Agents, AI-Optimized Hardware and Biometrics. READ MORE ON: ANALYTICS INSIGHTS