How Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Business Management?

Today, payroll managers to administration services leaders face up to a 96% chance of automation - and they aren’t the only ones. Gathering data, analyzing information, and recommending solutions are just part of a manager’s job description, and AI is getting powerful enough to take on these responsibilities and more. Will your manager be next?

AI Supplements, Not Replaces

Well, the short answer is: probably not. The long answer lies within the failed recruiting AI built and later abandoned by Amazon. Designed as a state of the art tool to fast-track hiring while eliminating bias, the AI was fed ten years worth of resumes to help it learn patterns, content, and skills that lead to successful hires. However, the mostly male-dominated industry was reflected in these resumes leading the AI to begin prioritizing male candidates over female candidates. By the end of this projects in 2018, the AI had begun penalizing resumes that included the word “women” and listings of all-female colleges. Screening algorithms like this one may help identify best surface-level applicants but is far from an end-to-end solution. The social, cultural, and most importantly, ethical factors that go into hiring and operating a business, in general, are yet out of the grasp of AI. READ MORE ON: HR TECHNOLOGIST

BusinessYusra Hamid