Trust Me, I’m An Artificial Intelligence From Washington

A lot of the old black and white television shows and movies I watch—though some of them are through “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” so probably not the highest quality programs—feature government agents operating far outside of D.C. What normally happens is that they arrive in some small town during an incident and the people there are naturally suspicions of them, so they flash their badges and say something like “Trust us, we’re from Washington, and we’re here to help.” Thereupon the locals immediately drop their opposition and attentively listen as the government agents explain exactly how the town is going to be saved from the alien invasion, Russian spies, pending natural disaster or any number of other unusual or fantastic occurrences.

These days, the old “Trust us, we’re with the government,” slogan is probably more of a meme than a way to ensure instant cooperation. People tend to question everything, and perhaps rightfully so. And when it’s not even a person, but a government-created artificial intelligence asking for their trust, it adds yet another potential barrier to the relationship. READ MORE ON: NEXT GOV