How Machine Learning Can Be Used In Business

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence have become prominent amongst platforms like Microsoft, Azure, Amazon and Google. These organisations are so invested in ML that they have come up with their own cloud learning platforms. For most of us, ML seems like a new phenomenon, but it’s been around for a while - just without a name. The most common use of ML is image recognition - like when Facebook automatically tags uploaded photos or speech recognition - think Siri and converting audio into texts.Here are some more ways ML makes everyday life easier:

When we think of product recommendations, online retailers like eBay and so many others may immediately come to mind. The way ML is integrated into these online stores is that it is based on the customer's purchase history and the bigger the store, the more they can recommend. The algorithm identifies specific patterns among items and hones in on grouping products into clusters. READ MORE ON: COMPUTER WORLD

BusinessYusra Hamid