Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Smartphone Photography

Photography has been transformed in the age of the smartphone. Not only is the pose different, as in the case of the selfie, but the entire nature of the process of light being captured by phone cameras is something else altogether. 

Cameras are no longer just a lense and a sensor, they are also the collection of algorithms that instantly manipulate images to achieve photographic results that would otherwise require hours of manipulation via desktop software. Photography has become computational photography.

Continued advances in machine learning forms of artificial intelligence will bring still more capabilities that will make today's smartphone pictures look pass√©. 

Recent examples of the state of the art on phones are Alphabet's Google's Pixel 3 smartphone pictures, and Apple's iPhone X photos. In the former case, Google has used machine learning to capture more detail under low-light conditions, so that night scenes look like daylight. These are simply not shots that ever existed in nature. They are super-resolution pictures. READ MORE ON: ZDNET

CultureYusra Hamid