How Do We Create Artificial Intelligence That Is More Human?

On February 11, 2019, President Trump signed an executive order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence and in February 2019, a surv REey by Protiviti called Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning indicated that only 16% of business leaders surveyed are getting significant value from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in their companies. The report also found that companies of all sizes and across industries are investing heavily in advanced AI with an average of $36M spent in the fiscal year 2018.

Of those same companies surveyed, 10% plan to increase their budgets over the next two years. The survey also found that businesses in Asia-Pacific have adopted advanced AI faster than the rest of the world. Twenty-two percent of Asia-Pacific companies in 2018 were at the advanced stages of machine learning compared to only 11% in North America and seven percent in Europe. READ MORE ON: FORBES

RoboticsYusra Hamid