Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming Better Than Human Expertise

It is believed that at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, there were three distinct waves of AI technological development. The first wave was an attempt to create general intelligence with the help of the formal rules of logical thinking. The second was the development of expert systems. Now we are on the crest of the third wave, the main feature of which, computer learning, is already successful in helping artificial intelligence bypass top professional experts in the effectiveness and quality of decision making on a massive scale.

Researchers have learned how to create systems that improve the algorithms themselves and then receive new data. This invention has created a new industry. The introduction of AI by 2030 will boost worldwide GDP by 14%, or approximately $15.7 trillion, according to PwC. They note that this is more than the current total industrial output of China and India combined. According to the results of a study by Teradata, the vast majority of large companies (80%) are investing in artificial intelligence technologies, and according to forecasts from Gartner, by 2020 they will be present in almost all new software products and services. READ MORE ON: HACKER NOON