Business Leaders Set The A.I. Agenda

What is the single most important step the tech community can take to instill trust in artificial intelligence?

Ashton B. Carter

Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School; 25th secretary of defense

In 2013, when I was the D.O.D.’s No. 2 official, I issued a policy directive on autonomous weapons that is still in force. The U.S. takes its values to the battlefield, and the directive says that a human must be involved in and responsible for decisions aided by A.I. to employ lethal weapons. The same moral compass should govern commercial applications of A.I., such as credit ratings, prison sentencing and privacy. Accountability requires transparency. After a lifetime in technology development, I believe that transparency for the sake of accountability must be a technical design requirement for A.I. algorithms. READ MORE ON: THE NEW YORK TIME

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