Stanford Professor: Don’t Let Artificial Intelligence Pick Your Employees

In 2014, Amazon launched a new recruitment algorithm to help it find the best job candidates. A year into the experiment, the company saw that the tool was biased against women and quietly shut the program down. When Reuters broke the story last October, John Jersin, the product leader for LinkedIn Talent Solutions, offered his thoughts on the general landscape of algorithmic hiring: “I certainly would not trust any AI system today to make a hiring decision on its own,” he said. “The technology is just not ready yet.”

Implicit in his comment is the notion that, someday, these systems will be ready. But work by Adina Sterling, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, questions this optimism, linking it to a deep–and deeply problematic–misconception of hiring’s strategic role. READ MORE ON: FAST COMPANY

CultureYusra Hamid