Business Opportunities in Brain Health Technology

Human body is perhaps one of the most complex machines in the world, and it is run by something even more complex: the brain. But even this amazing contraption is not infallible. While brain disorders continue to afflict people, it is conditions like depression and anxiety that are far more common. Fortunately, technology has been the greatest aid in combating brain disorders. As new innovations arrive, previously incurable brain conditions could now be treated. But things are not limited to just the medical point of view; there is a business aspect to it too. Brain health technology could actually prove to contain huge business potential.

The first opportunity follows the proverbial “prevention is better than cure”. Research has proved that increased brain activity and better brain training can actually reduce the chances of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Since 2010, there has been a sharp rise in the market for “brain improvement”. As mobile devices became more common, people are finding it easier to train their brains on-the-go. Brain training programs usually target various aspects of brain fitness like memory, observation, focus, spatial skills, analytical skills etc. The market for brain fitness programs is increasing and is expected to grow at least until severe brain disorders could be permanently cured. READ MORE ON: THRIVE GLOBAL

BusinessYusra Hamid