IBM Sees The Value Of Putting AI To Work In Human Resources

Who put the non-human into human resources? At first glance, it seems like an unpopular alliance—the use of artificial intelligence to support a company's strategic goals vis a vis human resources.

IBM, however, is the company going big and bold in championing the benefits of technology driving work efforts to retain the best, the brightest, the most apt to contribute something to the conference table.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty touted IBM's successful use of AI for leading the workforce at CNBC's @ Work Talent + HR Summit. She sat down with Jon Fortt and delivered some impressive numbers on how the IBM's AI tool helped the company.

First, though, let's run a flashback to the old days of Watson in the limelight when Forsyth Alexander in 2016 in a blog said HR people could use Watson Analytics to know what factors can be changed to hold on to good finds. Alexander walked readers through what lightbulbs can turn on once the HR-curious logged in to Watson Analytics. READ MORE ON: TECH XPLORE

BusinessYusra Hamid