Cloud Computing: What's Coming Next And How You Can Help Your Business To Prepare

The cloud is now accepted by almost all CIOs as a standard way to procure systems and services simply and quickly. But as the cloud continues its apparently inexorable rise, how will on-demand IT continue to evolve through the next decade? Four experts give us their view on how to prepare for the future of the cloud.

1. Use the cloud as a platform for innovation

Gregor Petri, research vice president at Gartner, says CIOs looking to embrace the cloud must go beyond lifting and shifting existing applications. Rather than thinking of the cloud as a place that runs today's applications, CIOs looking to the long-term use of the cloud should concentrate on disruption instead.

"Focus on a much more applied level of functionality. Look for areas where you can use the cloud as a platform to create unique functionality and a special experience. Many of these experiences will be digital," he says. READ MORE ON: ZDNET

BusinessYusra Hamid