Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

1. Google’s Best AI Just Flunked a High School Math Test

Unfortunately for our new AI overlords, the crusade to take over the world has been stopped in its tracks by an unlikely hurdle: a 16-year-old’s math test. Faced with the same level of exam that a 16-year-old in the U.K. would take, according to a new paper by Google’s DeepMind, its cutting-edge AI flunked. The algorithm was trained on the sorts of algebra, calculus, and other types of math questions that would appear on a 16-year-old’s math exam according to the U.K. national curriculum, according to DeepMind research published online on Tuesday.

Author: Dan Robitzski

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2. It’s Time For Workers To Worry About AI

Recent news of significant corporate investments in artificial intelligence (AI) suggests this technology is moving toward mainstream use. Evidence for this includes DocuSign injecting $15 million into an AI contract discovery startup, Apple absorbing an AI camera developer, and CIO reporting that banks are expected to spend $5.6 billion on AI solutions in 2019, “ushering in the next financial revolution.” Indeed, the green shoots of AI are appearing everywhere.

Author: Gary Grossman


3. Two Rival AI Approaches Combine To Let Machines Learn About The World Like A Child

Over the decades since the inception of artificial intelligence, research in the field has fallen into two main camps. The “symbolists” have sought to build intelligent machines by coding in logical rules and representations of the world. The “connectionists” have sought to construct artificial neural networks, inspired by biology, to learn about the world. The two groups have historically not gotten along.

Author: Will Knight


4. Big-Data Infusion for U.S. Inflation Gauge Starts With Apparel

After two years of study, more than 1,000 price quotations gathered from staff surveys of an unidentified department-store operator will be replaced with data fed directly from the company, labeled “CorpX” by Bureau of Labor Statistics economists. The prices will mainly be for apparel but not limited to that sector.

Author: Jeff Kearns


5. Walmart Announces A New Addition To Its Workforce: Thousands Of Robots

A new tech trend has emerged at the world's largest retailer, as Walmart brings on board thousands of robots in nearly 5,000 of its 11,348  stores. According to CNN Business, these robots will be scrubbing floors, scanning boxes, unloading trucks and tracking shelf inventory at mostly domestic U.S. locations.

Author: Chris Westfall

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6. The Rise Of The Killer Robots – And The Two Women Fighting Back

It sounds like something from the outer reaches of science fiction: battlefield robots waging constant war, algorithms that determine who to kill, face-recognition fighting machines that can ID a target and take it out before you have time to say “Geneva conventions”. This is no film script, however, but an ominous picture of future warfare that is moving ever closer.

Author: Melissa Chan


7. Apple Hires Google AI Expert Ian Goodfellow To Direct Machine Learning

After last year’s hiring of Google AI and search team leader John Giannandrea, Apple is continuing to bring over key AI talent from its rival, as it has hired respected inventor Ian Goodfellow to become a director of machine learning for its mysterious “special projects” group. Goodfellow is best known for inventing generative adversarial networks (GANs), which pair two AI algorithms together with the goal of continuously improving one another — one AI could be tasked with creating realistic images, while the other AI acts as a judge of real versus fake images, such that both AIs spur each other to become better over time.

Author: Jeremy Horwitz


8. Google Launches An End-To-End AI Platform

As expected, Google  used the second day of its annual Cloud Next conference to shine a spotlight on its AI tools. The company made a dizzying number of announcements today, but at the core of all of these new tools and services is the company’s plan to democratize AI and machine learning with pre-built models and easier to use services, while also giving more advanced developers the tools to build their own custom models.

Author: Frederic Lardinois


9. The Fascinating Ways PepsiCo Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Deliver Success

One business who realized that using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is a business need, no longer a competitive advantage is PepsiCo. The food-and-beverage company behind brands such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Frito-Lay, and Quaker sells products in more than 200 countries and brought in $64.7 billion in annual revenue last year. From robots to machine learning, PepsiCo uses AI and machine learning throughout the organization in many ways.

Author: Bernard Marr

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10. Artificial Intelligence Can Now Emulate Human Behaviors – Soon It Will Be Dangerously Good

When artificial intelligence systems start getting creative, they can create great things – and scary ones. Take, for instance, an AI program that let web users compose music along with a virtual Johann Sebastian Bach by entering notes into a program that generates Bach-like harmonies to match them. Run by Google, the app drew great praise for being groundbreaking and fun to play with. It also attracted criticism, and raised concerns about AI’s dangers.

Author: Ana Santos Rutschman


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