Hackers Are Using Instagram 'Nasty List' To Steal Passwords -- Here's What You Need To Know

There is always something going viral on Instagram, that's the beauty of this particular social sharing platform. Unfortunately, the latest Instagram craze is more viral than is healthy. The Nasty List is actually a login credential stealer.

What is the Nasty List?

The Nasty List phenomenon seems to have started earlier this week. It first came to my attention when a Reddit user asked if anyone else was having a problem with the Instagram Nasty List. "I logged onto Instagram yesterday and I had a dm from my sister. It said I was in some kind of Nasty List" the Reddit user by the name of molecularwolf explained, continuing "Well I had just woken up and I was kind of out of it so I clicked on it because I was curious. I then realized that it was probably a virus, but too late, I had already clicked." READ MORE ON: FORBES

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