Robotic Surgery Used To Install Gastric Pacemaker In GCC First

Abu Dhabi: Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi recently performed the first robotic procedure to install a gastric pacemaker in the GCC, thus treating an increasingly common gastric condition known as gastroparesis.

The condition stops the stomach from emptying normally because of damage to the nerve that controls the process. Patients therefore suffer from nausea, impaired digestion and gastric pain after meals, and can even experience significant weight loss.Gastroparesis is a particularly difficult condition as its symptoms are closely associated with a number of more common illnesses. This means that we tend to see a lot of patients who have been suffering with a debilitating illness for years without an accurate diagnosis or appropriate treatment,” said Dr Matthew Kroh, chair of the Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. READ MORE ON: GULF NEWS

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