Walmart Unveils Artificial Intelligence Store That’s Like Amazon Go But Also Not

Walmart finally opens its concept store, called the Intelligent Retail Lab, to the public, calling it a new "store of the future" and a test ground for future technology.

The IRL comes equipped with artificial intelligence-powered cameras and interactive displays and is one of the retail chain's busiest Neighborhood Market stores, with more than 30,000 items.

Walmart Opens Intelligent Retail Lab

IRL resembles Amazon Go to an extent, but there are very important distinctions. Much like Amazon's cashierless stores, IRL has a suite of cameras mounted in the ceiling. But these aren't being used to determine which items customers are buying to automatically charge them once they hightail out the store. Instead, these cameras are monitoring things such as the status of stock, the number of items currently on a shelf, and others. READ MORE ON: TECH TIMES


BusinessYusra Hamid