The Future Of Machine Learning In Finance

Nadine Pichelot, VP Finance at Anaplan outlines the steps finance leaders need to take to impliment machine learning into their organisations. 

Recent years have seen significant developments in emerging technologies and machine learning (ML) is at the forefront of the technology revolution. It has now penetrated almost every industry across the world, and in some cases is revolutionising business processes by providing breakthroughs in complex calculations involving large data volumes. 

Although the term ML is a little less known than artificial intelligence (AI) in the mainstream world, there are some recognisable examples of it in use today. From voice assistants that refine data from previous interactions to create a tailored experience, to the social media platforms that we use every day, which are consistently using machine learning to monitor our behaviour and provide us with personalised news feeds. But some of the truly innovative examples of ML lie beneath the surface. Revenue management solutions used in hotels, for example, now often incorporate ML technology into an algorithmic engine to help produce pricing and inventory recommendations. READ MORE ON: VERDICT

BusinessYusra Hamid