Artificial Intelligence Should Get The Same Ethical Protections As Animals

Universities across the world are conducting major research on artificial intelligence, as are organizations such as the Allen Institute, and tech companies including Google and Facebook. A likely result is that we will soon have AI approximately as cognitively sophisticated as mice or dogs. Now is the time to start thinking about whether, and under what conditions, these AIs might deserve the ethical protections we typically give to animals.

Discussions of “AI rights” or “robot rights” have so far been dominated by questions of what ethical obligations we would have to an AI of humanlike or superior intelligence–such as the android Data from Star Trek or Dolores from Westworld. But to think this way is to start in the wrong place, and it could have grave moral consequences. Before we create an AI with humanlike sophistication deserving humanlike ethical consideration, we will very likely create an AI with less-than-human sophistication, deserving some less-than-human ethical consideration. READ MORE ON: FAST COMPANY

CultureYusra Hamid