Obtaining Constructive Data For Artificial Intelligence

The human mind can process only a limited amount of information at any point in time. However, artificial intelligence (AI), which is modelled on natural human intelligence, harnesses the processing power of computers to capture large amounts of data then analyses this information to identify patterns and trends. AI uses machine learning to solve problems and execute tasks with greater speed and accuracy.

As computers begin to process more data over a longer period, they continue to learn and adjust their algorithms in a similar way to the human brain. This process is known as ‘deep learning’. A pilot project conducted for a leading transport provider in the region sought to use AI-enabled computers to improve safety and inspection on the client’s worksite. The AI software used images and data captured on-site to ‘understand’ hazards and dangerous situations. Through computer vision recognition, the system could determine which construction workers were wearing safety hats. READ MORE ON: MEED

DataYusra Hamid