5 Ways to Leverage AI in Your Company’s Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that was recently popularized by Alan Turing, though it was initially coined by John McCarthy in 1955. The initial characterization of artificial intelligence was of a “machine that is simulating intelligence and human logic.”

Today’s AI systems are about more than merely extending human logic. In the video below, one of the founders of modern AI provides a simple explanation:

Artificial intelligence is a very broad term. For starters, we can separate it into two big categories:

  • Narrow AI: Usually involves training a model or group of models to accomplish a narrow task or to predict future outcomes within a narrowly defined field, based on data from that narrow field. Most AI today can be defined as narrow.

  • General AI: Involves training a computer system not only to perform tasks and predict outcomes within a narrowly defined field but also to generalize beyond that field and learn to operate in new verticals without (much) oversight. General AI is the holy grail, but we’re a long, long way from it. READ MORE ON: IOT FOR ALL

BusinessYusra Hamid