How To Climb The Data Maturity Scale

Data has become a modern-day asset to organisations. Using analytics to take full advantage of data is becoming an increasing priority across every business sector Automation, machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) — all based on the collection and analysis of data — are the buzzwords stealing the headlines.

These technologies may well be commonplace for banks, insurance companies or tech giants. But what about the rest of us? Does your organisation’s data strategy still rely on manual spreadsheets? If it does, you are not on your own. Deloitte research shows 96% of executives believe using the right tools to get the most out of data will become more important than ever over the next few years. Yet one in 10 businesses are yet to implement a big data strategy and less than a third regularly conduct big data projects, according to an MHR Analytics survey. READ MORE ON: INFORMATION AGE

DataYusra Hamid