It’s Time For Workers To Worry About AI

Recent news of significant corporate investments in artificial intelligence (AI) suggests this technology is moving toward mainstream use. Evidence for this includes DocuSign injecting $15 million into an AI contract discovery startup, Apple absorbing an AI camera developer, and CIO reporting that banks are expected to spend $5.6 billion on AI solutions in 2019, “ushering in the next financial revolution.” Indeed, the green shoots of AI are appearing everywhere.

Despite a surfeit of ethical concerns, leading AI advocates such as Andrew Ng are encouraging companies to jump into AI use. Many are doing just that. KPMG claims more than half of business executives plan to implement some form of AI within the next 12 months. One of the more common AI discussions is the potential impact on jobs. This impact is probably incalculable, though many try to estimate it. Gartner, for example, believes AI will create more jobs than it destroys between now and 2025. READ MORE ON: VENTURE BEAT

CultureYusra Hamid