Safer Skies: This Algorithm Could Dramatically Reduce Drone Catastrophes

There are all kinds of gimmicks to keep drones from crashing, including parachutes and extra propellers. But what if the answer is in the code?

Verity Studios, which is behind some of the highest-stakes drone flights in the world, has introduced a software algorithm it says can prevent quadcopters from crashing during unexpected propulsion system failures. 

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"There are already numerous cases of drones crashing to the ground (sometimes injuring people) for no apparent reason," Verity founder Raffaello D'Andrea told me recently. "Some common causes of this are motor failures, ESC (electronic speed controller) burn-outs or connector failures. As a standard end-user, these are the types of problems you can't see with the naked eye, so you're left with the impression that your drone has simply dropped out of the sky." READ MORE ON: ZDNET

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