Artificial intelligence And The Death Of Decision-Making

AI-based automation has understandably scared many, many people. They fear for their jobs, they fear discrimination will creep into automated decision-making, and we may even face an “existential threat” as a species (at least if Elon Musk is to be believed). However, there is one serious threat that has been neglected up until now: the danger AI poses to human agency and autonomy.

Yes, the ability to have AI choose on our behalf may sound wonderfully convenient at first, but it has the potential to disrupt how we function as human beings. By predicting what we might like, by confronting us with suggested products to purchase, and by planning how we organize our time, artificial intelligence could weaken our ability to make decisions, to evaluate alternatives, and even to act. And if we allow it to do this to us, we all risk giving up a big chunk of not only our personal freedom, but of our humanness.

Such concerns may seem far-fetched, but they’re held by a litany of researchers working in the areas of AI, media, and ethics. READ MORE ON: DAILY DOT

CultureYusra Hamid