The Future Of Human Capital Lies In Data Analytics

When people think about Human Resources (HR), the first thought that comes to mind is often a department that handles personnel hiring and salaries. However, over the years, HR has transformed and is now a function that closely aligns with a company's strategic plan and vision. Some even refer to the function as Human Capital (HC) and not HR anymore.

For HC to help organizations achieve their strategic goals, it needs to not only manage people, and develop existing talent but determine hiring needs and look into workforce trends to enable future success. To hire the right people for the right job, and at the right time, organizations are increasingly looking into data analytics as a tool to address a wide range of business challenges including, first and foremost, recruiting, followed by performance measurement, compensation, workforce planning, time to hire and retention, among others. As the market becomes increasingly noisy, we believe the next wave of recruiting lies in the use of data-driven insights to power talent decisions. This is what Talent Intelligence is all about - a new way to harness data and insights to reinvent and improve every step of the recruitment process by combining these insights with the right instincts to deliver the winning talent strategy. READ MORE ON: ENTREPRENEUR

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DataYusra Hamid