Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

1. This AI That Sounds Just Like Joe Rogan Should Terrify Us All

On Wednesday, Canada-based startup Dessa unveiled a new AI that replicates the voice of Joe Rogan, a podcaster known for his bold views — not to mention for getting high with Elon Musk. As explained in a blog post, the Dessa team managed this feat by developing a deep learning system called RealTalk that uses text inputs to produce life-like speech in the style of a real person.

Author: Kristin Houser

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2. New Artificial Intelligence Sees like a Human, Bringing Us Closer to Skynet

Artificial Intelligence is evolving at a rapid rate ushering in a new age in technology. Though we are still very much a ways away from creating super-intelligent robots, AI seems to be becoming more and more like us every few months.

Author: Taylor Donovan Barnett


3. Robots Take Over Farms Faster Than Expected Through Autonomous Equipment Start-UPS

Robots are taking over farms faster than anyone saw coming, as the first fully autonomous farm equipment is becoming commercially available, meaning machines will be able to completely take over a multitude of tasks. Tractors will drive with no farmer in the cab and specialised equipment will be able to spray, plant, plow and weed cropland.

Author: David Stringer


4. The Amazing Ways The Ford Motor Company Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Ford Motor Company, along with General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen, may have started out as automotive manufacturers, but they now refer to themselves as “mobility service” companies. Ford believes “freedom of movement drives human progress.”

Author: Bernard Marr

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5. NI Expert Appointed To Top Artificial Intelligence Role

A cyber-security expert from Queen's University Belfast has been appointed to a body designed to develop the UK artificial intelligence (AI) sector.

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6. Artificial Intelligence Can Now Make Art. Artists, Don’t Panic.

Music lovers gathered in a London theater one night in March to take part in an unusual event: half classical concert, half futuristic experiment. Their task was to listen to music that had been composed partly by Bach and partly by artificial intelligence — and try to guess which parts were which. Throughout the performance, the audience members voted by holding up cards with a blue human face on one side and a red robot face on the other.

Author: Sigal Samuel

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7. LG developed its own AI chip to make its smart home products even smarter

As its once-strong mobile division continues to slide, LG is picking up its focus on emerging tech. The company has pushed automotive, and particularly its self-driving capabilities, and today it doubled down on its smart home play with the announcement of its own artificial intelligence (AI) chip.

Author: Jon Russell


8. Google’s Prototype AI translator Translates Your Tone As Well As Your Words

We all know that communication depends on more than just what you say. How you say it is often just as important. That’s why Google’s latest prototype AI translator doesn’t just translate the words coming out of your mouth, but also the tone and cadence of your voice.

Author: James Vincent

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9. Skype Co-Founder Desperate to Stop AI From Destroying Humanity

Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn is on a mission to ensure an artificial intelligence doesn’t destroy humanity.

According to a fascinating Popular Science story, the programmer discovered AI researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky’s essay “Staring into the Singularity” in 2007, two years after cashing in his Skype shares following the startup’s sale to eBay.

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10. Computer Models Won’t Beat the Stock Market Any Time Soon

We’ve come to expect a lot from intelligent machines: Spotify picks songs for your playlist. Your phone has learned to recognize your face, even on a bad hair day. And self-driving cars, we’re promised, are just around the corner. As the technology gets better, it usually becomes more commonplace. But here’s something you’ll likely never have access to: a computerized stockpicker that outsmarts the market.


Yusra Hamid