Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

1. Robotics Startup Anki Shuts Down After Burning Through Almost $200 Million

Anki, the San Francisco startup behind AI-imbued robotics toys like Overdrive, Cozmo, and Vector, today shuttered its doors after raising close to $200 million in venture capital from Index Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, J.P. Morgan, Andreessen Horowitz, and other investors. According to Recode, it’ll lay off its entire workforce of just over 200 employees, each of whom will receive a week of severance.

Author: Kyle Wiggers


2. Amazing AI Generates Entire Bodies of People Who Don’t Exist

The AI-generated models are the most realistic we’ve encountered, and the tech will soon be licensed out to clothing companies and advertising agencies interested in whipping up photogenic models without paying for lights or a catering budget. At the same time, similar algorithms could be misused to undermine public trust in digital media.

Author: Dan Robitzski

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3. How To Improve Supply Chains With Machine Learning: 10 Proven Ways

Bottom line: Enterprises are attaining double-digit improvements in forecast error rates, demand planning productivity, cost reductions and on-time shipments using machine learning today, revolutionizing supply chain management in the process. Machine learning algorithms and the models they’re based on excel at finding anomalies, patterns and predictive insights in large data sets.

Author: Louis Columbus

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4. Artificial Intelligence Should Get The Same Ethical Protections As Animals

Universities across the world are conducting major research on artificial intelligence, as are organizations such as the Allen Institute, and tech companies including Google and Facebook. A likely result is that we will soon have AI approximately as cognitively sophisticated as mice or dogs. Now is the time to start thinking about whether, and under what conditions, these AIs might deserve the ethical protections we typically give to animals.

Author: John Basl


5. 6 Ways Top Influencers Are Implementing AI and Machine Learning To Grow Their Followers

With over 31.25 million Facebook posts per minute, 6000 tweets per second and 95 million Instagram posts every day, it's genuinely commendable how top social media influencers can work their way through big data analytics and present relevant and timely content to their respective industries.

Author: Toby Nwazor


6. Elon Musk And The Tesla Automation Strategy: A Disruptor In Vehicle Safety Or Not?

In the days since the release of my colleague Lex Fridman’s interview of Elon Musk, attention has focused on Musk’s comment that Teslas with Full Self-Driving capability may become an appreciating asset. Given cars are (except in the case of special relics) depreciating assets, this is more likely than not closer to science fiction if Tesla continues increasing production.

Author: Bryan Reimer

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7. These Are The Top 10 Hottest Fintech Startups And Companies In The World

It's a fascinating time for fintech. What was once a disruptive force in the financial world has become standard practice for many industry leaders. Fintech industry funding has already reached new highs globally in 2018, with overall funding hitting $32.6 billion at the end of Q3. Some new regions, including South America and Africa, are emerging on the scene. And some fintech companies, including a number of insurtechs, have dipped into new markets to escape heightened competition.

Author: Andrew Meola


8. Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Hack Humanity?

This week, I interviewed Yuval Noah Harari, the author of three best-selling books about the history and future of our species, and Fei-Fei Li, one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence. The event was hosted by the Stanford Center for Ethics and Society, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, and the Stanford Humanities Center.

Author: Nicholas Thompson

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9. How Machine Learning Can Help Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade On Social Media

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity. Demand for species and wildlife products, like rhino horn, elephant ivory and pangolin scales, have triggered an increase in unsustainable harvesting of species. This causes important population declines, threatening the existence of certain species.

Author: Enrico Di Minin


10. The Amazing Ways eBay Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Boost Business Success

You may not have realized it, but eBay, the multinational e-commerce site, has used artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies for more than a decade specifically to match buyers with the right sellers. But that’s not the only way they use AI technology to enhance the buying and selling experience on their site.

Author: Bernard Marr

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