Artificial Intelligence And Other New Age Technologies Will Add Jobs, Not Eliminate Them

There is a widespread fear of loss of jobs with the advent of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

With technology at its heart, the fusion of human talent and automation is the recipe for growth. However, a mere mention of automation conjures up scenes of a robot uprising and the fear of job losses. That fear is misplaced. Technology enables more jobs than it eliminates. A Gartner report on Artificial Intelligence pegs the net increase of jobs to over two million by 2025. That includes not just software engineers but a variety of positions that will train Artificial Intelligence systems to recognize objects, human activity, among others.

That said, technology advances do pose the possibility of job loss in the short term. In the long term, however, the question becomes one of job transformation. If machines take over the mundane tasks of running a network, what is the human role? Take the domain of human resources as a case in point. Artificial Intelligence systems can drive new business growth, while HR leaders and managers can leverage the Artificial Intelligence-powered systems to augment decision-making in recruitment and retention. READ MORE ON: DQINDIA

CultureYusra Hamid