Big Data, Data Science, And Data Analytics: What Is The Difference?

We are surrounded by data all around. Private businesses make the most use of data by collecting it and analyzing your preferences to get useful information. The huge size of data generated through a plethora of mobile, internet, social media, etc. with volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data we referred to as big data. Businesses are playing with this collection of data that is proven to be useful in getting valuable insights. 

Structured data is a database of organized data that can be used by companies for effective processing and analysis. It is written in a specific format that can be understood by the search engines.

Unstructured data is the data with unknown form. It creates a lot of challenges for the companies at the time of processing as it is heterogeneous in type. The data is a combination of text files, images, videos, etc. This raw form of data can create value only when it is processed and analyzed.

Semi-structured data is unlike unstructured complex data and can be processed and analyzed with the help of metadata tagging that can catch useful information associated with that tag. READ MORE ON: THRIVEGLOBAL

BasicsYusra Hamid