Yakuza Director Thinks PS5’s Evolution Will Focus On A.I. And Machine Learning

There’s a new Yakuza title in development for PlayStation 4 and the game’s director had a few thoughts to share regarding the PS5 when discussing the upcoming title. Reported by Gematsu via Game Talk, Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi thinks that the next wave of console improvements will be focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

On the topic of the next Yakuza, Nagoshi says the story is done. The next title features Ichiban Kasuga, the new face that is taking after as the lead in the series following the conclusion of Kazuma Kiryu’s saga in Yakuza 6: Song of Life. Nagoshi says he’s surprised how well the game’s cast fits their roles and the team is in the process of recording. It’s not clear what specifically is being recorded, but it could be acting performances with motion capture or voice acting. Regarding the new lead, Nagoshi says he talks more than Kiryu and gives the story a different feeling. “Therefore the overall feeling of the story is different, as well as the gameplay,” Nagoshi said. “It feels fresh in many ways. I really want to share more soon. It’s tough but development has been smooth.” READ MORE ON: DIGITAL TRENDS

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