Artificial Intelligence And Fourth Industrial Revolution Set To Make Huge Contribution To World Economy

This is how the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques can contribute to revive the world economy and how Artificial Intelligence Journalism can contribute in increasing global media spending. The emergence of tens of thousands of TV channels, tens of thousands of satellites will revolutionize the media industry, driven by the tremendous advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Looking to the future in Artificial Intelligence, the world is expected to invest more than $ 5 trillion in Artificial Intelligence technologies by 2050, this will contribute strongly in the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) journalism. This compared to what is currently spent, estimated at only $ 12.4 billion, could reach $ 232 billion in 2025, according to “KPMG” report. READ MORE ON: GULF TODAY

BusinessYusra Hamid