Deep Learning And Security Applications – What Is It All About?

Machine learning, deep learning, and other aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) have become major basis for advanced technologies in any field. In the defense and security sectors, innovation in AI has gained momentum as a leading paradigm, enabling numerous innovations and developments that otherwise would not have been possible.

AI is used for developing efficient warfare systems, which are less reliant on human input. Systems equipped with AI can autonomously protect networks, computers, programs, and data from any kind of unauthorized access. AI techniques are being developed to enhance the accuracy of target recognition in complex combat environments. Combat simulation and training platforms also use machine and deep learning.

Unmanned ISR systems can either be remotely operated or sent on a pre-defined route. Equipping these systems with AI assists defense personnel in threat monitoring, thereby enhancing their situational awareness, according to READ MORE ON: IHLS


BasicsYusra Hamid