5 Of The Smartest People In AI Teamed Up To Make Awesome Robots

An all-star team consisting of five of the brightest minds in AI today revealed the launch of Robust.AI, a new startup devoted to revolutionizing the robotics industry.

According to a job posting on the company’s website, the company intends to create robots that can navigate the real world with actual autonomy:

Current robots are extremely limited, typically relegated to highly controlled environments, unable to function in dynamic, open-ended environments, and poorly equipped to deal with the unexpected. We are building an industrial-strength cognitive platform — the first of its kind — to enable robots to be smart, collaborative, robust, safe and genuinely autonomous, with applications in a broad range of verticals from construction and delivery to warehouses and domestic robots.

Robust.AI co founder Gary Marcus told Axios Kaveh Waddell, who broke the story earlier today: “Right now, robots can only work in very limited environments. They’re not very flexible — they’re more like automation than they are like autonomy.” READ MORE ON: THE NEXT WEB

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