Audio has been on the rise on Facebook’s platforms recently, from audio calls to audio messages on WhatsApp and Messenger. As a result, they begin to work on making audio messages easier to record and more enjoyable to listen to. This is all part of their “Bringing Social Audio Experiences to Facebook” campaign. Today, these products are being officially launched by Facebook on iOS, beginning with the public and selecting Facebook groups, and with the launch of the first set of US podcast partners in Live Audio Rooms in the US.

The 1.8 billion individuals who use Groups every month, as well as the tens of millions of active groups on Facebook, have access to Live Audio Rooms in Groups. Public people can also use it to host talks with other public figures, experts, and fans.

The social network also announced that it is collaborating with creators to further develop and launch ‘Soundbites’ — short-form, creative audio clips to capture anecdotes, jokes, inspiring moments, poems, and much else that we have still not envisioned.

In addition, Facebook is introducing podcasts to its platform. People will be able to listen to podcasts via a mini-player or a full-screen player with numerous playback parameters, including the ability to listen even when the device is turned off. Podcast creators will also be able to reach out to new listeners directly through the Facebook app.

Another new feature enables hosts to designate a nonprofit or fundraiser, and audiences and speakers can make direct donations. During the show, a progress bar will show how much money has been raised.

To make all of these audio experiences available to everyone, the company will provide subtitles. You will have access to this universe of stuff on your conditions if you have the sound off or want to follow it along with the text. Likewise, if you are on the road, most videos in the background will also be easily played.