In today’s diversified world, there isn’t a shortage of resources hoping to help bridge the gap between communities and encourage consistent communication. The gap that we’re referring to here is the language gap that exists by large between various facets of the population. A gap that also restricts the amount of information one can access online.
Say, for instance, you come across a piece that you would really like to read but were unable to since you were unfamiliar with the language. Or you look at an image with a caption that is unfamiliar and you’re left wondering what the message behind all of it really was. Traditionally, you would copy the message word to word and then try to translate it online through the number of tools available. While this may work, it may also create further confusion when the translated versions mix up due to there being a lack of sentence structure or coherence with regards to the language itself.
In such a moment, not only have you wasted a substantial chunk of time, but you’ve also ended up with no results.
What if we told you that now you had the option of quite literally looking at these very images/texts with a completely different eye?

Google Lens

In a step to stay above their competitors, Google launched a special feature within their Google Lens. A simple screenshot mechanism through which any text translation will be available in the language of your choosing.
But is translation all that this tool can do?

A Visual Tool To Help You Learn

Before we dive into the features of the Google Lens, let’s learn a bit more about the tool itself and how it’s quickly made its mark over the past year alone.
Adjusting to remote learning and working hasn’t been the greatest of experiences for most families; many of whom have felt like they’ve had a massive burden thrown on them all of a sudden.
The introduction of tools like Google leans is there to lighten the load and make learning a less tedious process for people.
With just the click of a picture, Lens can offer you a wide array of results and suggestions – all hoping to give you just the information that you were looking for.
At this point, Lens can recognize over 15 billion things and so in essence could provide you with information about anything and everything that you wish to learn about.
If you’re a professional trying to understand a concept before you make your big pitch or a student struggling with a math problem, Google Lens offers you the opportunity to clear your confusion in a matter of seconds.

Google Lens Features

Let’s now look at the various Google Lens features and what their potential impact might be on our lives and in the business world as well.

Copying Was Never This Easy

With Google Lens, you have the option of quite simply copying text from paper notes and documents onto your phones to save time.
If you’re someone with decent handwriting and hoping to get your notes alongside your material, all you would really need is to take pictures and then save them.
However, Google went a step further and introduced a “copy to computer” feature through which any text selected with Lens can paste instantly on any other device that logs in with Chrome. Not only does it make the process simpler, but it also cuts down the amount of time it would have taken you to retype it all.

Discovering More Than Before

How many times have you come across a word or phrase that didn’t really make much sense? You were so occupied with the book but you now find yourself in a position where you can’t seem to understand what that particular sentence was trying to imply – what do you do in times like these?
We’ve got a solution for you – Google Lens.
With in-line Google Search results, you can use Lens to select complex phrases or words and in doing so learn more quickly.
No more waiting to search for the right results and distracting yourself from what you’re reading – just have Lens do the work for you!

A New Way To Shop

You see a particular patterned shirt and loved the detailing on it – however, it was so detailed and complex, that it’s become impossible for you to describe it in words to someone. How can you now look for that shirt and buy it, if you can’t describe what it looked like?
In comes Google Lens; the savior. All you need to do is take a picture of the item and Lens will offer you just the information you’re looking for (which in this case would be information about where you can buy such a shirt from).
More so, with Lens, you’re also able to search for similar products by simply clicking on images and letting them lead the way as you try to find the perfect product for yourself.

Google Lens Future

If there’s one thing that Google Lens has shown us, it’s that there’s more than one way to look at something. And remember you’ve also got to have someone else looking out for you – who in this case, was Google Lens.
With a mobile device, you’re always on the go and with a feature such as this, you’d be quite literally learning “on the way” and building upon your knowledge and skills without any delays or concerns.
Google Lens is revolutionary not simply because it offers another perspective, but because in today’s mobile world, it brings together a variety of tools and environments to ensure that learning journeys are not just created but also maintained for the long run.
Google Lens is the way of the future – so, what’re you waiting for?