How one founder turned her extensive retail experience into an entirely new kind of shopping, according to TechCrunch The Yes founder and CEO Julie Bornstein helped a number of the world’s biggest and best-loved brands develop industry leading e-commerce operations, and also served as COO at Stitch Fix, arguable one among the highest success stories of digital-first fashion. The Yes is her first raid entrepreneurship, however, and that we got the prospect to speak to Julie all about her experience as a founder.

On this week’s episode of Found, our weekly interview podcast, we hear from Julie all about how she identified the gap The Yes was created to deal with , and the way she changed a number of the longtime fundamentals about how fashion brands sell their wares and work with customer sales channels. Julie also tells us about why The Yes knew it needed a larger-than-average seed retail experience to accomplish its goals, and the way she went out and got it.