Hulu launches support for HDR on select original content, For the primary time, Hulu has started adding support for HDR viewing, years after a number of its competitors. The gradual rollout of HDR support began on August 19, Hulu told TechCrunch and will be available to all or any users with HDR-compatible devices within the coming days.

So far, Hulu has only enabled HDR viewing on high-profile original content, like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Nine Perfect Strangers,” but the streaming service said that it’ll continue adding HDR support to both new and existing content over time.

If a viewer is using an HDR-compatible device, a badge will appear on a show’s details page, indicating that it is often streamed in HDR. Per Hulu’s support page — which is where users spotted the feature’s quiet rollout — HDR content on the Hulu app is supported with HDR-compatible models of Roku, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Apple TV 4K, Vizio, and Chromecast Ultra. Hulu told TechCrunch that “it is suggested that viewers update their devices to the newest version for the simplest experience.”

Hulu has historically been slower than its competitors to enable support for technology like HDR, which provides an enhanced viewing experience. HDR isn’t a resolution like 4K, but rather, it creates a more natural-looking image by expanding its contrast ratio and color palette. YouTube unrolled HDR support in 2016, while Amazon and Netflix enabled the feature within the previous year. Though Disney+ and Hulu share a parent company in Disney, Disney+ has already supported HDR for a few of its content.

Some streaming services like Netflix offer pricier monthly subscription plans for access to HD or Ultra HD content, but as of now, Hulu doesn’t charge a premium for access to higher-quality streaming.