Microsoft recently announced that “the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will retire and go out of support on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10.” Microsoft Edge’s built-in Internet Explorer mode will continue to operate with legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and apps. The only hope for the future of Internet Explorer is upon Microsoft Edge.

Future of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge, the company’s other browser, will be the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10. It’s a more than 25-year-old browser, which is now mostly abandoned in favor of alternatives such as Google Chrome or Firefox etc.
Microsoft Edge is not only quicker, more secure, and more contemporary than Internet Explorer. Also, it addresses a major concern: compatibility with older, legacy websites and apps.
Justifying the switch, Microsoft explained why they believe it would meet customers’ demands at home and work.

Improved Compatibility

Microsoft edge shares a dual engine, you can handle both historic and current websites. It is the only browser that includes built-in support for older Internet Explorer-based websites and apps, including ActiveX controls.

Streamlined Productivity

It might be aggravating to have to use various browsers for various jobs. Although you may prefer to use a newer browser, a public website or internal work program may require Internet Explorer. This is where the Microsoft Edge browser comes in. Your productivity will be streamlined thanks to its twin-engine advantage. You may now use Microsoft Edge instead of “this browser for this site” and “that browser for that site.”

Better Browser Security

According to the company “Microsoft Edge is more secure for Chrome for businesses on Windows 10.” In today’s evolving security world, it’s also critical that Microsoft Edge responds more quickly to security flaws. For increased compatibility, faster productivity, and increased browser security, Microsoft Edge may now be your trusted web partner.


Microsoft praised its users for their faith in Internet Explorer and promised that it would continue to assist them as they learned, grew, and transacted business online. The company also discusses how Microsoft Edge would impact individuals and organizations who operate on the internet. In addition, he provided additional instructions for setting up Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer mode. Furthermore, they anticipate assisting their customers with Microsoft Edge.

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