2019 has undoubtedly been the year for innovation and digital transformation. From Artificial Intelligence making waves in each segment to blockchain securing records at the other, we saw some interesting news all around. Pair that with analyst predictions and easy to understand guides which helped us be up to date with the latest happenings, we have a list of many authors who we would like to shout out to for this year.

Let us take a look at the top authors of 2019 and some of their recent articles as well:

Bernard Marr:

Bernard Marr has been recognized as the best selling author worldwide and he has been an advisor to 300+ renowned companies including Microsoft and others. He is an international speaker and also writes for Forbes on the topics of Fintech, businesses, AI, and others. His recent article is on Fintech trends which everyone should be watching in 2020.

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Kyle Wigger:

Kyle WiggerKyle Wigger is a technology journalist who writes for the renowned Venture Beat magazine. He is an Artificial Intelligence correspondent and writes on how AI is disrupting different sectors of our market as well as any recent breakthroughs. He recently did a round-up on AI and Machine Learning news that defined 2019.

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James Vincent:

James VincentJames Vincent is a reporter for The Verge covering AI, Robotics and other tech segments. He covers the latest news related to different tech sectors and he has previously worked for The Independent as well in the capacity of online technology and science editor. One of his recent interesting articles on AI is related to R&D progress in the same field but still, there is much to be explored.

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Will Knight:

Will KnightWill Knight is a senior writer for Wired and covers Artificial Intelligence. He has also written for MIT Technology Review where he covered fundamental advancements in artificial intelligence and China’s boom in AI. He has recently written a thought-provoking piece on why AI is biased and how scientists are trying to fix it.

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Karen Hao:

Karen HaoKaren Hao is an Artificial Intelligence writer for MIT Technology Review. She has previously worked as a Data Scientist at Quartz, which provides global business news. She has also worked at a startup in Google X as an application engineer. Her recent article is about a bingo game that can help your kids learn about AI.

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Tom Taulli:

Tom TaulliTom Taulli is an author, speaker, and advisor – with a focus primarily on technology. He has co-founded a variety of companies, including Hypermart.net (sold to InfoSpace), WebIPO and BizEquity. He is also a contributor to Forbes.com and author of the book, Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction. His recent article was a perspective related to Tech IPOs in 2019.
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Dan Robitzski:

Dan RobitzskiDan Robitzski is a scientist-turned-journalist who specializes in all sorts of science and tech news. He works as a staff reporter at Futurism and freelances in his free time. He also has an interest in sports which has led to him being a coach and referee of Fencing. His article on Artificial Consciousness, published in 2018, answers the basic question which is at the heart of every AI discussion; How to give robots a soul?
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Cade Metz:

Cade MetzCade Metz is a technology correspondent with The New York Times, covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics, virtual reality, and other emerging areas. Previously, he was a senior staff writer with Wired magazine. He recently wrote regarding the preparation of tech companies to fight the Deepfake future.

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Khari Johnson:

Khari JohnsonKhari Johnson is a Senior AI staff writer at Venture Beat. He has written for publications like CNN Money, AOL, San Francisco Chronicle, Univision, San Diego News Network, and Voice of San Diego. An interesting article from him this year was on AI Ethics which is all about power and influence, the article is a part of a special series by Venture Beat.

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Tiernan Ray:

Tiernan RayTiernan Ray is a freelance writer covering technology and business. He was previously a senior editor with Barron’s magazine and its Web site, Barrons.com. He is currently a columnist on The Street and AI/ML reporter at ZDNet. He recently covered a debate on what the actual meaning of deep learning is on ZDNet.

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