1. Amazing AI Automatically Turns You Into An Anime Character

It was only a matter of time until somebody created an artificial intelligence designed to transmute you into an anime character. And now a team of South Korean researchers from video game company NCSoft has done just that.

Author: Victor Tangermann

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2. A New Type of AI Has Been Created Inspired by the Human Brain

By carrying out advanced experiments on neuronal cultures and large scale simulations, a group of scientists from Bar-Ilan University in Israel claims to have created a new type of ultra-fast artificial intelligence algorithm.

Author: Chris Young

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3. Former Siri chief is leaving Apple to join Microsoft’s AI division

Bill Stasior, the former head of Apple’s Siri division, is leaving the company after nearly a decade to join Microsoft’s artificial intelligence division, reports The Information. Although Stasior left Apple in May, he’s only joining Microsoft later this month as a corporate vice president, reporting to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott.

Author: Nick Statt

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4. To Power AI, This Startup Built A Really, Really Big Chip

COMPUTER CHIPS ARE usually small. The processor that powers the latest iPhones and iPads is smaller than a fingernail; even the beefy devices used in cloud servers aren’t much bigger than a postage stamp.

Author: Tom Simonite

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5. Amazon is now delivering packages in Southern California with its Scout robots

Amazon has been testing its Scout delivery robots near its headquarters in Snohomish County, Washington, for a few months. Today, it announced that it’s expanding the program, and it’s set to start testing the robots in the Irvine, California, area on a larger scale.

Author: Chaim Gartenberg

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6. Why an AI arms race with China would be bad for humanity

In a provocative op-ed in the New York Times last week, PayPal and Palantir founder Peter Thiel argued that artificial intelligence is “a military technology.” So, he asks, why are companies like Google and Microsoft, which have opened research labs in China to recruit Chinese researchers for their cutting-edge AI research, “sharing it with a rival”?

Author: Kelsey Piper

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7. DeepMind uses AI to track Serengeti wildlife with photos

DeepMind has joined the ranks of those using AI to save fragile wildlife populations, and it’s doing that on a grand scale. The company is partnering with conservationists and ecologists on a project that uses machine learning to speedily detect and count animals in “millions” of photos taken over the past nine years in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Author: Jon Fingas

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8. Co-Exist With Robots: How to Compete With Technology in the Age of Automation

As technology, including robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other forces change the nature of work, employees will need new skills to adapt to shifting roles.

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9. H2O raises $72.5 million to simplify enterprise AI deployment

AI and machine learning can be complicated for a layperson to fully grasp, yet surveys show this hasn’t deterred enterprises from adopting the technology in droves.

Author: Kyle Wiggers

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10. The American AI Initiative: A good first step, of many

The path to general AI — and possibly superintelligence — is being paved before our eyes. And with the proliferation of an AI-driven society, the social and economic value of such technology is also on the rise.

Author: Mark Minevich

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