1. Skirt or Jeans? Now an AI Can Offer You Styling Tips

If fans of Netflix’s Queer Eye have learned anything from Tan France, the flamboyant fashion consultant of the series, it’s that a simple modification can take a look from fine to fabulous. Tricks like the French tuck or cuffing the sleeves of a T-shirt can create the illusion of a slimmer waist or a more robust bicep, all without changing the basic components of the look. It’s about working with what you’ve got, then making it better.

Author: Arielle Pardes

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2. The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important

As it becomes easier for humans to do the mundane with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of human kind to process complex emotions will become imperative. While the evolution of AI and machine learning—and how they will change our lifestyle, the markets and workforce in many sectors—has been staring in our face, it is important to know the following facts.

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3. Big Data Is Coming to the National Hockey League

In the last decade, data and analytics have turned baseball into a bonanza of home runs and strikeouts, basketball became a game won or lost behind the arc and even prompted football coaches to start going for it on fourth down.

Author: Laine Higgins

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4. Microsoft unveils Ada, a ‘living’ AI structure that translates data into light and color

Microsoft’s belief that artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to become relevant in the coming years has often been indicated through moves the tech giant has made in the recent past. Earlier this month, the firm partnered up with Novartis to transform the field of medicine using AI.

Author: Hamza Jawad

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5. The Essential Components Of AI

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is optimizing the way business is conducted, enabling predictions with supreme accuracy and automating business processes and decision making.

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6. Watch this AI cop car fight an AI Jeep

A machine learning developer named Sebastian Schuchmann recently developed a pair of neural networks. At first, they were like siblings, learning their way in a strange new world together with only one another for company.

Author: Tristan Greene

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7. Artificial Intelligence Learns to Talk Back to Bigots

Algorithms are already used to remove online hate speech. Now scientists have taught an AI to respond—which they hope might spark more discourse. Christopher Intagliata reports.

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8. Can an AI System Be Given a Patent?

That’s the question at the center of a case making its way through patent offices in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, one that business leaders and lawyers say is posing fundamental questions that could alter how centuries-old patent systems around the world operate.

Author: Jared Council

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9. Many Experts Say We Shouldn’t Worry About Superintelligent AI. They’re Wrong

AI research is making great strides toward its long-term goal of human-level or superhuman intelligent machines. If it succeeds in its current form, however, that could well be catastrophic for the human race. The reason is that the “standard model” of AI requires machines to pursue a fixed objective specified by humans.

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10. Is Artificial Intelligence Good?

Despite the fact that these AI-powered technologies haven’t graduated past their first decade, they seem to be running our lives. And they are apparently doing it better than we can. Just a few weeks ago, research came out explaining that Artificial intelligence was now at par with human experts when it came to making medical diagnoses.

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